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Welcome to Bakers Candies, the official home of Nebraska's famous chocolate meltaways.

Bakers Candies’ world renowned chocolate meltaways have been proudly produced in Nebraska for generations and are available at prices so low they’re unprecedented in the gourmet chocolate industry. The word “meltaway” is a designation of honor given only to the most superlative chocolate confections: a chocolate so decadent and smooth that it literally “melts-a-way,” when applied to the tongue. Baker's meltaways are the best in the world, bar-none, and we couldn't be more proud than to be making them right here in Greenwood, Nebraska. Thank you, on behalf of all three generations of the Baker family business, for making our chocolate Nebraska's tradition. Send yourself and your loved ones a gift of unprecedented quality chocolates today and help us share our Nebraska tradition with the World!